dry cleaners computer

A Computer That Helps A Dry Cleaning Business

By admin on May 17, 2019 0 Comments

The dry cleaning business is one of the busiest in town. You wonder how the operators cope with just a few pairs of hands on the premises and such huge orders to fill. Perhaps it was an unintentional secret before, or perhaps the dry cleaning biz didn’t want its rivals to know. But whether you had this short article to begin with or not, if you are an astute internet reader, you will have made your own discoveries sooner or later.

And those startups that are destined to do well would have done a fine job on their R & D as well. They’ve found their location. It’s on a busy block as you can well imagine. And they’ve got no need for hard, manual labor. Just one or two pairs of good hands attached to seasoned professionals who’ve been in the laundry business since day one, you know, back in the day when all they had to do was sit behind a counter and count out change.

dry cleaners computer

They had the coin-ops back then, see. But these machines were always subject to abuse, so those businesses that have lightened up and wizened up, have phased them out. And the business that’s doing well already? Well, it’s the dry cleaners computer, you see. And no, it’s nowhere close to a run of the mill desktop computer. In fact, it’s now so sophisticated, the dry cleaning operator can, in actual fact, run his business from his laptop.

There’s plenty of space in which to install the software that’s being used to manage every single facet of the laundry business, from the reception desk receipt to the washing cycles, to the drying and then the hanging up, and the marking up and back to the reception desk.

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