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Having your Data in the Clouds

By admin on May 22, 2019 0 Comments

We hear a lot about cloud storage in the world, and the many benefits it offers companies who use it, but what exactly is the cloud? Well, it’s another method of storing and accessing your data, documents, and online activity in case the physical location goes down. Think of it this way, imagine you have a sheet of paper with your friend’s birthday on it, but just in case you place it on your phone as well.

imanage cloud

Then you lose the paper and can’t remember when your friend’s birthday is, so you just look at your phone and get the data from there. The cloud is a backup service that allows you to access a copy of your data in case it is ever destroyed or lost. Computers die, phones crash and files are accidentally deleted every single day, but with the cloud, you don’t have to worry because you have a copy of the data that is easily accessible.

Many businesses and online services such as imanage cloud offer you your own personal cloud to store your data on. That cloud can hold a number of data bytes, and then you can access that data from anywhere. If your primary computer crashes, and all your work was on the cloud, then you can log onto another computer and access your cloud account. Then you’ve all your information there and ready to be used.

It might seem like a wasted extra step if you need to place all your important files on the cloud, but it only takes one near miss to make you want to take that time. After all, no one wants to rebuild from scratch, so don’t be afraid to take the time to put your computers most important data in a few places, with the cloud being one.

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